Emo hair, Emo hairstyles and emo haircuts are characterized by often black hair with random splurges of bright coloured highlights. The emo haircuts may also have asymmetrical lines and different colour background hair but the large majority of people with emo hairstyles prefer to dye it black.

Emo hair and music

Gerald Way was once the poster child for emo hair and emo music all across the world, as the lead singer for My Chemical Romance. Most recently, they have just released their latest emo music album called Hesitant Alien.

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Although not as popular as it used to be, emo hairstyles are coming back into fashion. We will soon be adding another feature to the website, that will allow you to make your own profile, create groups and interact with other visitors, straight from the homepage, without having to go to the emo forums.

We are also looking to recruit some writers for quality articles, not only about emo hairstyles but also emo fashion and other hairstyles in general. If you would like to have your work published, then give me a shout :).

Leather Jackets Recommendation

Although not related to emo fashion, I felt compelled to mention a leather jackets website I came across the other day. It is well known that such jackets add an immediate classical style of fashion and they are a symbol of power. They also go with almost anything so you don’t need to worry about wearing matching colours.

The Jacket Maker is your one stop shop in made-to-measure jackets that dress you up in a strong symbol. They offer free worldwide shipping and a range of jacket designs worn by celebrities from Vin Diesel to Superman.


leatherAs you can see in their celebrities jacket section, they also feature designs such as the Doctor Who coat, Captain America and most excitingly, there is a whole sub section devoted to Dark Knight Rises styles.


Their fashion jackets category features hundreds of different fashionable styles to suit everyone’s tastes. If you are not a real leather fan, there are always faux leather alternatives and vice versa.


In conclusion, this appears to be a one of a kind website, perfect for a wide range of individuals that have the same goal; of looking sharp and fashionable. Whether you want to dress up like your favorite celebrity or not, you are bound to fall in love with one of these jackets.

Emo Girls and Boys

Emo boys and emo girls try to be unique and comfortable in society with one’s self by expressing their individuality and self-expression through the emo hairstyles adopted. If you feel that all the conventional hairstyles you can get in saloons are boring and you don’t fit them at all, why follow the flock? I’d suggest you consider picking up some dye, a pair of scissors and razor and do up your hair the Emo hairstyle way! Most importantly is to have fun, play around, and be creative when performing your emo haircuts and then people will admire your Emo hairstyle.

Before you embark on this journey or if you’ve already taken on the Emo hairstyles and emo haircuts style, you would know that people devote a lot of time into these high-maintenance haircuts. It often takes hours to get that sexy “just got up” look. Good luck and as I said, be creative and have fun!

Another page added to the Emo Wiki! Check out the emo style page with more information on what the emo style is and what boys and girls prefer in terms of emo fashion!

Emo Picture of the Week

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If you want to contact me, you can either send me a private message in the emo hair forums or send me an e-mail directly from this old gallery page full of emo haircuts you can get inspired from! However, most of the emo hairstyles photos have been moved to this emo hair gallery!

What is Emo?

The truth is that a definition of emo doesn’t exist; it means different things for different people. There are hundreds of definitions made up by people but not one of these can describe every single person, that is because the emo hair style and emo style in general changes, whether we’re talking about the emo fashion, emo hair, the emo girls and emo boys always alter their appearances.

Emo can be a term used to describe culture, including music, day-to-day activities, fashion and appearance. Many people are really confused about what emo actually is; especially those who have stereotypical views against the cultural movement. However, it is important to realize that emo today hasn’t got the same meaning as in the 80s; the term was ‘stolen’ if you want. For example, in 80s, people who had today’s emo hair weren’t called emo.

Emo Fashion

I think a definition of emo (emo hair and emo boys and girls) that could include a reasonably large group is the expression of your true self, including your emotions and style; hence we have created this site to help you find the emo hair style that fits you most! The emo gallery has hundreds of photos of emo hair styles and you can add your own by simply registering and uploading the photos.

Which Emo Hair Is Good For You?

The emo forum will also provide grounds of discussion for various ideas, suggestions or emo hair , emo boys , emo girls or simply any emo fashion related queries!