What Is Emo Style?

Emo style can be very rightly explained as wearing tight clothing and sporting a sad expression on your face owing to the emotional hardcore music that emo people listen to.

Emo is a musical genre and alike all the rest genres, emo also features its own styling and clothing. Owing to little and false knowledge of emo you are bound to go for wrong styling, the emo styling is very easy to maintain but it should be carried around nicely. Some of the emo styling is explained in paragraphs to come.

The emo style requires their unique hairstyles. Generally emo girls sport short, black-dyed hair with colored streaks and emo boys on the other hand have long shaggy hair locks giving an untidy look. Actually, any greasy black-dyed hair with bangs in front and spikes can give a good emo boy look at times the hair-styling is done in such a way that hair partially cover one eye and the other is left visible.

Emo Clothing Style

Coming to cloth styling and accessories range of emo styling, girls generally sport short skirts with high boots or tight jeans with flat buckles. Emo Boys make a style statement in loose cargoes or tight jeans depending upon the length of their T-shirts. A tight flashy T-shirt boasting of favorite band is worn by both the sexes. The accessories include traditional and stylish boots from 80’s.

Body piercing can also be observed in emo styling. In addition to this hoodies and jackets are a must. Decent black hoodies are integral part of emo styling and can be worn around the year on top of the T-shirts.

Emo Thinking

Lastly it is important to note that emo styling requires more of a mindset as compared to the styling. Once you incorporate the mindset the styling will automatically become a part of you. So if you want to join the race of emo people the styling techniques mentioned above can be of great aid to you. Good luck getting an emo style!