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Gay EMO Boys

Gay emo boys can be hot when kissing or simply when wearing their emo boys clothes - tight jeans, t-shirts, the crazy emo hair, piercing and often the attractive and eye-catching makeup.

The gay emo boys are more and more popular, together with the increasing popularity of emo hair styles! boys will always be boys so you can't do anything about it. Think of it like this - the emo boys are hotter than non emo boys, therefore gay emo boys will also be hotter than gag non emo boys... ahh it can be confusing but hope it makes sense ^^.

There are new pictures and videos of gay emo boys errupting everywhere; YouTube, Photobucket, Metacafe, and so on. A lot of the emo boys are also bi and they are hot!!!

People who make the videos and special compilations on these gay or bi emo boys are also attracted to them.
In a way, this is a good thing as it shows the emo opposers that there is also love in emo boys and emo girls, not only violence and suicidal thought - which by the way it's one of the strongest stereotypes I have come across.

I have added a few of these pictures below, but also be sure to check the emo boys gallery where you will not only find more pictures of gay emo boys but of other hot and sexy emo boys with their emo hair everywhere!


Gay Emo Boys

Emo boys are overall affectionate and being gay it only strengthens this romance even more! Unlike other celebrities who also get attention when they walk past, the emo boys don't solicit it at all. Nonetheless, they are head-turners when they walk through the public!
They don't care about what the public thinks, as a lot of the people would stereotpically have a bad view towards them!

Emo Boys Kissing Gay Emo Boys Kissing Photo Picture of hot emo boys kissing


The photos of the gay emo boys on this page were taken from the gallery! If you liked what you saw, do join the emo forums and emo galleries where you can see more pictures of emo boys, as well as other emo hair styles for either boys or girls!