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A common characteristic of hot emo boys would be piercings, the typical emo hair for emo boys and of course the emo clothes!

Emo boys are all open hearted and are always after sharing their feelings, opinions and way of living with the world! Below, I picked some photos of emo boys which are also uploaded in the gallery!

Emo boys photo Emo boys image
Photo of emo boys photo guy

I just love the photos above of the emo boys! They all look so 'fresh' and unique even.

Did you know that the favorite colour the emo boys dye their emo hair is black? Specifically jet black colour which is very attractive and often shiny.

Did you also know
that emo boys tend to cry a lot and a high number of them also wear girls underwear? Especially gay emo boys wear girls jeans. These pants are skin tight and emo boys find them very attractive!

Unlike others, emo boys don't have to be gay in order to kiss each other - it all depends on whether they are in public or not. How might this make a difference? Well they like attention so if they are going to get it while in the city or another public place where there are a lot of people they are going to kiss each other!

Did you know that girls tall and thing boys with girls tight pants and emo hair most attractive?


We have more photos in the gallery! Also, the forums are quite new so we appreciate any new member registrations and of course everyone is welcome.