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So - ever wondered what new emo hairstyles for girls there are? Yes, if you have then you’d be happy to know that the range of emo hairstyles is unlimited. It all depends on your personality and only you can decide whether an emo hairstyles suits you.

Imagine you are a painter and your hair is your canvas – feel free to express your feelings, and this is what differentiates emo hairstyles from other conventional ones.

Check out the EMO GIRLS page for tips and advice on emo hair for girls and emo fashion!

Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

Ever tried SCENE HAIR ?


short mullet modern mullet
emo girl highlights picture multicolored hair
razor cut long layered hair
bowl cut bob with fringes


What now?

Choose your emo haircuts and emo hairstyles girls! And of course remember what Emo is all about - uniqueness, individualization and strong personality so don't just copy someone else's hairstyle but re-invent it! The style I haven't included in the pictures above OR the list below is the gothic hairstyle. The reason for this is that most emo people will not consider it related to emo hairstyles at all but if you would like to find out more about it, then read about it here under the gothic hairstyles section.

  • Short Mullet

  • Modern Mullet

  • Trendy Cool Highlights
  • Multi-Colored Hair

  • Razor Cut

  • Long Layered Hair

  • Bowl Cut

  • Bob with Fringes