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Posted February 25, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

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There was quite a bit about this on TV, the Valentines Day Massacre CD aka The Emo Anti-Valentines Day Collection of tracks. I’ve listened to it in Virgin yesterday and here’s what I think about it as it’s quite a quality buy.

A high majority of the most popular emo bands play one or even two songs from each. I liked it when I first listened to it in store and decided to buy it because it appeared to be some thing different from the mainstream. All the songs have something unique to them and are very instrumental indeed; a pleasure to listen to.

My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Panic at the Disco and Plain White T’s are only a few of the bands that feature in the cd, which are also my favorite bands.

Even though it’s past Valentines Day, I really think you could offer this to your emo pair, both emo girls or emo boys should enjoy this as it’s something different!

So, if you are truly emo, with emo hair etc. all you emo boys and emo girls can take a look on the Virgin website or whatever store you usually buy your records from :D .

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