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Posted February 22, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

I was watching the The Feeling - I Love It When You Call which is one of my top 5 favorite songs when this video below appeared under Related Videos. The fact that it’s a video of emo girls with emo hair seemed to be a bit weird that they would recommend that to me. Since when are music videos related to emo hair :D ?? It looks like someone has messed up with tags or something, anyway.

Thought I’d post it if you wanted to see more photos and our galleries aren’t big enough. If you want to appear in the emo hair gallery, then please either register yourself and upload the photo or send them to my e-mail box and I’d gladly upload them.

Apparently, a lot of the girls in the video (credit to them) are swedish. Which one or which emo hair style do you like most? I like the 1:34 and 02:00 most, but yeah the others as well!

13 Responses to “Emo Hair/ Scene Girls Video”

  1. Jenny

    Great looking! Got any of boys ??

  2. George

    Okay,Calm Down Now!
    Its Only Hair!
    Damn Ya’ll Make Such A Big Deal As If Its Your Life,Which It Shouldnt Be!
    You Should Worry More About School And Stuff Instead Of The Hair That Grows On Your God Damn Head!
    N Wonder You Cant Think…You Dye It So Much,The Chemicals Has Probally Gotten To You Head By Now!
    Love The Look Though….


  3. Ivy

    i love it very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

    very love it

  4. syafiqaqah said

    I think having emo hair would be so cool and we go to school we can show bad impresions to the teachers just like i do everyday,it is so fun being an emo!!

  5. emo_lover

    i <3 emos! :)

    emos world.

  6. Ian

    Says video is no longer available :(

  7. amber

    i luv emo…

  8. alexavans

    i am a emo.i think i want to emo love..?

  9. rachel.vanover

    hey what is up this is my e-mail address

  10. Адам

    Мдааа…, а я тут за свои годы, как-то привык к этому, даже внимания на это не обращаю :) Вы тоже привыкнете со временем :)

  11. samantha

    yea u have a point there but to some people looks are everything so…..yeah

  12. ana

    OMFG the girl with the black hair and white hat at 1:40 is my BEST FRIEND sasha!! O; go sasha!! WOOT! ;D
    luv, ana

  13. joyce ann cagnayo

    im not an emo but i love emo’s hairs :)))))

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