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Posted February 16, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

I have received an e-mail from one of our readers, Simona who wrote a miniguide on how to get an emo hair if your hair is curly!
If you have ever had your hair curly or still do, you would know it’s quite hard to get rid of the curls! Here’s the mini-guide which has some quality tips and is worth a read if you are after emo hair and your hairstyle is currently curly!

Okay, most important is that you must WANT to do this, because it could take a lot of hours and effor to get an emo hair from your current one!
First of all, I recommend you dye it! Dyed black hair for emo boys looks hot! On emo girls, a white-ish blonde emo hair looks sexy!
If you don’t want to dye it, then you will still need a straightener because you can’t get emo hairstyles when your hair is curly, so we’ll have to make it straight! The other option would be to go to a hair salon and get it straightened with the substances they have, however this is usually expensive!

After dying your hair and getting it straightened, the most important part is to get side bangs! Yes, lots and lots of bangs on the side. You decide which side you want the bangs on, and which colour you want them. Either a friend or a hair stylist will have to cut your emo hair for you! They should cover a large part of the face on one side and one eye!
The other side of the bangs needs to have shorter hair, usually dyed either the same as the background colour or a colour in contrast or just different to the one on the sidebangs.

Fourthly, if you want you can get some gel or wax and make the back part of your now emo hair stand up, spike up! That’s sexy.

That’s all, hope this helped you. There aren’t many steps to follow and most of it is just common sense. You should now have an amazing looking emo hair!

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  1. Madie

    i have really curly hair and i want to get it styled but i have no idea which one will suit me what do u think i dhould do . ?

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