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Emo Hair From Curly | Emo Hair

Emo Hair From Curly

Posted February 16, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

I have received an e-mail from one of our readers, Simona who wrote a miniguide on how to get an emo hair if your hair is curly!
If you have ever had your hair curly or still do, you would know it’s quite hard to get rid of the curls! Here’s the mini-guide which has some quality tips and is worth a read if you are after emo hair and your hairstyle is currently curly!

Okay, most important is that you must WANT to do this, because it could take a lot of hours and effor to get an emo hair from your current one!
First of all, I recommend you dye it! Dyed black hair for emo boys looks hot! On emo girls, a white-ish blonde emo hair looks sexy!
If you don’t want to dye it, then you will still need a straightener because you can’t get emo hairstyles when your hair is curly, so we’ll have to make it straight! The other option would be to go to a hair salon and get it straightened with the substances they have, however this is usually expensive!

After dying your hair and getting it straightened, the most important part is to get side bangs! Yes, lots and lots of bangs on the side. You decide which side you want the bangs on, and which colour you want them. Either a friend or a hair stylist will have to cut your emo hair for you! They should cover a large part of the face on one side and one eye!
The other side of the bangs needs to have shorter hair, usually dyed either the same as the background colour or a colour in contrast or just different to the one on the sidebangs.

Fourthly, if you want you can get some gel or wax and make the back part of your now emo hair stand up, spike up! That’s sexy.

That’s all, hope this helped you. There aren’t many steps to follow and most of it is just common sense. You should now have an amazing looking emo hair!

45 Responses to “Emo Hair From Curly”

  1. Madie

    i have really curly hair and i want to get it styled but i have no idea which one will suit me what do u think i dhould do . ?

  2. miguel

    i have long straight hair but i can’t style it…i wanT it tO be emO what shouLd i do?give me advice plzz..

  3. helena

    Omg I have curly hair and I totally want it “emo” I have highlights and my hair is always frizzing up on me. I have another way though.

    Okay first you put moose *I can’t spell* on.
    Second… you hair dry it.
    Third… straighten it… it gets staticy and I love that…
    Fourth… spice it up and get some hairspray… aply it all on your hair… well not all of it but a lot!
    Fifth… comb it and get it to a spikey kinda look!
    And last is to put a bow of any choice of color you want!
    Hope you have fun with your new emo hair!!!!

  4. geraldo rodriguez

    Umm…I have naturally curly hair and i can’t do much with it.I been interested in a emo cut for some time now..but my hair don’t seem to desperate.I don’t even know if it was to be long enough,how am I gonna cut it and what color to dye it…I need seriouse help

  5. gena

    you can still have an emo hair style with curly hair. since straightening it takes forever, just let the back go curly and straighten the bangs to the side. Add some color to go with the curls. WaLa! don’t be afraid to get messy with it. Emo is about self expression, not trying to be who you’re not :)

  6. Ian

    I’d try straightening your hair and then seeing which one best suits you from there. (Just my advice though) :P

  7. Celia

    Yeah I have curly hair too, and I also want the emo hair look, but I’m not sure what to say to the hair lady…I mean, do I just say I want a lot of sidebangs, or I want the emo look??

  8. dillweed

    madie, i have the same problem
    what i learned is that you should get a hair style that matches the shape of your face
    a long face=long hair
    a rounder face=fringes and whatnot it front
    but since your a girl, you should probably get a longer hair style
    maybe find a picture of a celebrity you like or a model with emo hair that suits you
    kinda hard to explain but w/e
    have fun

  9. starzz

    you should get the one with short layers on the top of your head and leave the rest long cuz i have really curlly hair. and dat is wat i have but i straighting it everyday and once a month i use a relaxer and it works really good. but hope this help you out

  10. babiie emoo


    ermm my hair is well beyond curly

    and im not aloud to get it permantly straighten i dont know what to do some one well me it is making me soo depressed then i usauly amm HELLLLPP !!!!!!!!!

  11. laurenLOVE.

    i really want an emo/scene style hair cut without having to straighten my hair,
    my hair is VERY thick and VERY curly. is it not possible to have even a bordering emo style?
    for example a few more layers and my side fringe putting back in.
    would this not work?

  12. Jay

    Mmmm nice guide you’ve got everything i do lol, but you need to get it thinned out when you’ve got your look, or else you’ll turn into a donky ass. :) nice guide 5/5 :p

  13. Mandy

    i have really curly hair n d thing is that i dont want 2 straiten it, is there any emo style hair that is curly even with bangs, i really need help.

  14. Moon

    You don’t have to straighten it.. it can just be leaven curly! curls are beautiful also in an emo model ;D

  15. Alex

    i understand what you mean what usually helps me to get some of the curls out is to blow-dry it, i also have really really thick hair so when i blow-dry it that seems to help thin it out a lil. ;) p.s. hope you have good luck!

  16. Matt

    If you are a guy with curly hair how do you get it straight withought spending so much money on chemicals? Because ive got curly hair that puffs up into a fro so i cant srtaighten it and im broke right now so i cant afford a salon to do my hair. Is there anything i can do?!?!?! plz help!

  17. Madeline

    Okay, i hate to break your ego and all but you are full of shit. There is such a thing as curly emo hair, its not very popular but it looks great and its very original. It saves your hours. Plus if you live in a place like Louisiana you aren’t forced to straighten your hair every 5 minutes cuz the humidity is fricken it up. So yeah, here is one okay example but if you do some research on your own you might be pleasantly surprised. =]

  18. yazmin

    I think you should straightened it

  19. maggie

    k so i have the same problem, really
    curly hair, and i want to get a cute emo style.
    first off you’ll obviously have to straighten
    your hair if you want that emo look, so after your shower or whatever just take
    a comb or brush and like blow dry it constantly with the brush throughtout
    all of your hair and wait till your hair is completly dry,
    this makes it so easy to straighten with
    a flat iron after.

  20. tanya

    My hair is really curly but yet really thick what should I do my idol is my best friends hair and its so cool I dont want to take her hair cut but I want something like it so its not the same. What should I do

  21. GIRL :]

    Hi ,
    I think you should ask a hair dresser
    start off with something as simple as side bangs and short layers.
    THAN decide on the color.

  22. Nick

    I only have curls at my bangs and its almost curls up and i tried almost everything i cant find a solution. What do you think I should do?

  23. amanda

    ok i have curly hair but it not that bad anymore cuz i have straight it alot and i want my hair to be like a emo hair style but it kinda hard when u have curly hair and my hair is to my shoulder and will all please help me

  24. Jasmine

    Well, my mom wont let me dye my hair any colors, I have dark brown hair, but I have peircings, but no hair dye?! I know… crazy, but she wont let me… what do I do?

  25. Jasmine

    Oh yeah, and my hair is extremely curly. I use a straightner all the time, but it damages my hair.. and which style suits me?

  26. lola

    ya knw how u said grls with thr hair dyd blond or whit how bout dying it purple

  27. TezraKaulitz

    That Was Really Good.
    I Have Light Brown Super Curly Hair.
    And When I Straighten It , It Goes Back Curly In A Matter Of Minutes No Matter What Products I Use , I Was Wondering If It Was A Good Idea To Get It Permanantly Straightened , How Long It Stays In And How Effective It Is , Plus What Color / Style Emo , Scene Hair Would Look Good On Me.
    Click on My Name And You Can Go To My Myspace To Look.
    Or Email Me :
    Tokio Hotel’s Number One Fan Fur Immer.

  28. Julia Cerbone

    What specific substances should you use in the salon? I mean, I’ve heard of a japanese perm, but I have a really good flat iron so I don’t really need to worry. But i have bangs that only reach my eyebrows. I went on google/images and found some cute looks with bangs. =)))

  29. Leeanne

    I want to look emo with my curly hair but i don t know how to do it please help me

  30. roy

    can you explain what side bangs are?

  31. evelyn

    yea i hav curly hair there another style that yu cn do without havinq to straiqhten it.(i do hav a lot of banq thouqh)

  32. scene_kid

    :[ i cant straighten my hair my bitch of a mom wont let me:[

  33. josh

    putting gel in straightend hair just makes it go curly again

  34. chelsey16

    hey i love my hair

  35. Krissy

    ugh… i have really curly and frizzy hair, medium length.. i used to straighten it to meke it look more emo-ish but now my mom won’t let me straighten my hair every day, and it looks like crap..

  36. linda

    Your blog is nice and excellent.
    The hair styles posted in your blog is very informative and I hope it will be useful for our Hair Design Academystudents.

  37. LeeLee

    well I don’t think is a good option to get it straightened w/ those subtances cuz they mess ur hair.. w/ the time it will become ugly.. we emo girls who have curly hair should do a unique curly emo hair!! original!! we have to break that stupid label..! I’m emo! and have curly hair. and I’m gonna make my hair look rad! my own emo curly hair! hope so for my b-day!

  38. Karla

    ok well im 12 and i want to get my hair cut i have my made i REALLY want the emo look for my 7th grade year i recently found a picture of how i want it please can you tell me how this is cut

  39. Drew

    I have curly hair, and will not take the 45 min. it takes to straighten it. suggestions?


    I need to grow my hair out still but i really want to straighten it with substance, but i keep hearing how its horrible for your hair heLP ME is it okay if i straighten it with substance and still grow it out, i use a straightener but its annoying to do that every morning and i cant just go out after a shower it takes a long time cause its still kinda short and i have to be more careful than other long haired people.

  41. hannah

    you should go to bing and type in emo hairstyles for girls and a huge variety of choices will come up for you to choose from

  42. hannah

    do you see lots of hairstyles

  43. Jessica

    No matter how hard I try, my hair won’t stay straight! Any advice? :[

  44. Anon3334

    Uhm, this post sux, u should have thought better on the curly part. Straighten it? seriously? BTW, SOME PEOPLE HAVE CURLY HAIR, WHICH IS THICK, TANGLED, AND UN-STRAIGHTABLE. SUGGESTION? NOPE. CUZ U DONT HAVE ANY !

  45. Uriel

    how do i style it? i try but it just not the way i want it

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