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Posted July 14, 2014 by Emo Hair Girl

Hi everyone, quick post to apologise for not updating the emo hairstyles website anymore. I have logged on here for the first time in over a year and I was surprised to see over 400 comments from genuine readers awaiting moderation. I have now approved a high percentage of those and will go through the rest in the coming days.

Since this blog is still getting a moderately high number of daily readers, I have decided to open it up to guest blog posts. If any of you wish to express your thoughts on anything, including promoting your own emo hair related website or to ask for opinions on hairstyles, fashion, etc. then contact me at nick [at] with your blog article, including title and name as you want it published on here. The requirements are that it should be original content, over 100 words and contain no more than 2 external links

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Emo Protests Update

Posted April 5, 2008 by Emo Hair Guy

Less than a week ago I posted about the large emo protests where emo girls and emo boys being under attack from anti-emo protestants in Mexico, specifically Mexico cities where the protesters have caused huge rallies on the streets. The target for the protests and attacks were people that looked emo, that is had emo hair or simply listened to emo music.mtv.jpg

Over 800 protesters innundated Mexico City’s main piaza; Plaza de Armas looking to kick some emo guys. The reason they chose this certain place for the protests against emo hair guys and girls was that they knew it’s a well frequented place by all ages and groups.

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Anti Emo Riots In Mexico

Posted March 28, 2008 by Emo Hair Guy

emo kids riot photo

A high number of the Mexico’s population, particularly in the urban areas have turned up on the streets to riot against the emo hair kids. The attacks were directed towards the emo hair and emo make-up in particular to both emo girls and emo boys.The riots began in early March first in Quer√©taro a medium sized town 150 miles north of Mexico City and still haven’t settled. The police have intervened on the streets to defend the attacked party, however they didn’t achieve a protest seize.

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Emo Band To Break World Record

Posted March 21, 2008 by Emo Hair Guy

The emo band Fall Out Boy, mostly characterized by the emo hair and emo music they play are going to break a world record by simply playing at a concert in Antarctica. No band has ever played a concert in the icy continent, and definitely not an emo band!


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Emo Hair Looks

Posted March 15, 2008 by Emo Hair Guy

I’ve touched on the emo look subject when I talked about emo fashion and emo hair but never quite wrote if even a brief guide on how exactly to act like the ordinary emo girls or emo boys you see walking down the street — so today’s the day :D Even if you don’t know what emo is, or what an emo guy looks like, by reading this you could learn to identify someone if he’s being emo simply by his emo hair styles or the emo clothes he wears.

Emo Hair

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Emo Hair Hate

Posted March 10, 2008 by Emo Hair Guy

I just came across this video on Youtube criticizing emo hair or scene hair, whatever you want to call it. It basically shows some photos calling it the worst of the worst emo hair styles.

Seriously, why go all the way putting together such a video, which must have taken over one hour, only finding all the emo hair pictures? Sure you got 40k views on YouTube but what did you achieve? If anyone is sad it’s you, whoever made the video.

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Emo Hair, Emo World

Posted March 1, 2008 by Emo Hair Guy

Well, I just got back from my one week holiday in Spain on the southern coast about 10km from Puerto Banos; which I think could just as well be the second highest place regarding ¬£4m+ yachts density! I didn’t actually take a photo but I’m sure you could find one if you search Google or some other search engines. These yachts are supposed to belong to actors, singers, businessmen and all other sort of rich people. It is true that I stayed in a nice hotel as well ;) but let’s not go there! While I was away, I also observed people’s hairstyles and particularly to see how different those in Spain are from the ones in the US or UK! In addition, I had a special thought for emo hair and emo hairstyles.

To be honest, I saw a lot less emo hair styles out there in Spain and I’m sure Portugal follows the same trend. The reason might be that maybe the emo fashion simply hasn’t propagated through yet OR maybe it’s simply too hot and humid for them to bother with maintaining the emo hair styles which we all know can take some time.

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Emo Music CD

Posted February 25, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

Emo Music cd photo
There was quite a bit about this on TV, the Valentines Day Massacre CD aka The Emo Anti-Valentines Day Collection of tracks. I’ve listened to it in Virgin yesterday and here’s what I think about it as it’s quite a quality buy.

A high majority of the most popular emo bands play one or even two songs from each. I liked it when I first listened to it in store and decided to buy it because it appeared to be some thing different from the mainstream. All the songs have something unique to them and are very instrumental indeed; a pleasure to listen to.

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Emo Hair/ Scene Girls Video

Posted February 22, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

I was watching the The Feeling - I Love It When You Call which is one of my top 5 favorite songs when this video below appeared under Related Videos. The fact that it’s a video of emo girls with emo hair seemed to be a bit weird that they would recommend that to me. Since when are music videos related to emo hair :D ?? It looks like someone has messed up with tags or something, anyway.

Thought I’d post it if you wanted to see more photos and our galleries aren’t big enough. If you want to appear in the emo hair gallery, then please either register yourself and upload the photo or send them to my e-mail box and I’d gladly upload them.

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Emo Make-up

Posted February 20, 2008 by Emo Hair Girl

Are you one of the emo boys that wear make-up? I’m mostly refering to the emo boys here because it’s only natural for emo girls to wear make up :) .
I have seen plenty of emo boys that wear eye shadow/ eye liner to ‘enhance’ their eyes. It’s all basically part of the emo fashion. I even wrote a whole page on the main site about how to get eye shadows for emo girls or guys.
The eye liner can be any colour you want, although emo guys prefer it pink or green, if any eye liner at all. It basically makes their eyes stand out.
Emo girls can use any colour they want and I’m sure you can make your own decision on that, taking into account what goes with your emo hair colour and the clothes you wear.

uys may also want to use mascara which further enhances your eye-lashes and makes them stand out more. For cheeks enhancement, use some blush applying right at the centre and then moving outwards towards the outside.
Last but not least important is lip gloss. The lip gloss is a daily thing for emo girls but I’m sure the emo guys may not approve in wearing it and that’s fine! If you only like the lip gloss on a girl and want it to stay on her, then don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong - it’s just how you prefer it!

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