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In contrast to other believes, emo hair is not natural but on the other hand it's not hard to get either. A lot of emo people define their emo hairstyle by styling their hair in an EMO hair way.


An emo hair can be easily achieved with very little knowledge in this field.To start off with all you need is a pair of scissors some dye and some photographs where you can inspire yourself from.

On this website you can find hundreds of photographs from other emo girls and emo boys with emo hair. A high number of these pictures are submitted by the viewers.

The most popular type of the EMO hair is achieved by a dying your hair back. EMO hair styles can be cut by professional hairstylists but can also be cut by someone untrained. The reason for this is that it doesn't require any experience in this field. The simplest of the EMO hair can be achieved by simply highlighting off the dying your hair the preferred background color.

As I said previously the most common color of EMO hair is Jet Black. If you are a girl this page for emo hairstyles for girls can help you by showing you different styles of EMO hair. It also provides instructions on how to achieve the EMO haircuts you are

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You can either perform this one on your own or simply print off a picture off your favorite EMO hair and then take it to your local stylists who will then know how to approach the emo haircuts.

It is never hard for someone who wants an EMO hair to achieve one. I would like to summarize the steps needed to achieving this EMO hair in four steps.

Emo Hair

Firstly you need to make sure that the hair is dyed jet black or are not the color of your choice. This color will act as the background color for your EMO hair.

  1. Secondly if you want you can create a gradient in your EMO hair by coloring the back side of your hair a different lighter or other colour than the background colour you have chosen for your EMO hair. This might make your hair stand out and more interesting.
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In my opinion the most important part of getting an EMO hair is to have bangs long enough to be swept from the left side of the head to cover the right side of the face and part of the right eye. This means that your hair on one side has to be longer than on the other side otherwise it will not work. If this a problem for you you can always make use of hair gel to get the EMO hair you're after.



  1. The fourth step is again optional; for example you can add extra fringes or extra colors to your hair to make it look more attractive. You could for example add more extra spikes at the back of your emo hair.

Overall, remember that emo hair should not look greasy and if it does, it's not the styles's fault but the fact that too much hair gel was used on the emo hair.