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EMO Hairstyles Modern Mullet

In modern mullet emo hairstyle, the hear is cut short and at an angle in the front. It also has the appearance of multiple layers, long in the back and shaggy. The other version is the reverse emo mullet and you can seee Davey Havok adopting this style - long in the front and at an angle therefore short in the back.

Hairdresser: So how shall we cut your hair today, Bob?
Bob: Hmm.. I was thinking of an emo mullet hairstyle cut.
Hairdresser: *raises eyebrow*

The Emo modern mullet is similar to the emo short mullet except that it may be more colorful. However, it is hard to differentiate between the two and often people call them both emo hairstyles (mullet) all together.

Modern Mullet Short Mullet
modern mullet emo hairstyles picture modern mullet emo hairstyles picture

See the difference? Duh it's so obvious - only joking. As I said, it's best to consider both these emo hairstyles as mullet haircuts alltogether.