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First of all, just like short hair, long hair has its advantages. First of all, there is a greater range of styles to choose. You also have the opportunity to wear different emo haircuts every day, by simply letting your hair fall down your shoulders or tying it up in a bum style, etc. etc.


Why Long Hair?


With all these different ranges available, more and more people are turning to the long layered emo haircuts one of which is showed on the asian girl above. Layered haircuts have becomes so popular that hair sylists had to re-design large chunks of their catalogues.

How to get this haircut?


If you are interested in getting this out of all the emo haircuts, collect a few pictures of it and take it to your local saloon. Notice I

long layered emo hairstyles picture

said a 'few' pictures, not just one. By finding pictures of haircuts you would die for and presenting them to your sylist, he or she can make a good impression of what you're after. However, if you only show them one then in the best case scenario, he can only see half of the haircut style.



An alternative to getting a stylist to do the haircut for you is to do it yourself! Remember I said how important it is for you to manifest your personality in your hairstyle, well this is the time show it.

You can collect a few pictures, such as the ones below and decide which emo haistyle is best for you. And if you already have long layered hair, it can be easily achieved just by being yourself. If you're white blonde, apply darker (green/ pink) highlights; if your hair is black apply lighter highlights - it's up to you!

This type of haircut most suits people with straight hair because curly hair doesn't let itself fall into layers. BUT - if you do have curly hair, not to worry, it is very easy to straighten it.

emo haircuts picture
picture of emo haircuts
emo girl on bench
long layered hair