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EMO Hairstyles - Highlights

The highlights for the emo girls hairstyle can come in a variety of options and colours. There are the contrasting highlights e.g.: brunette hair/ dark coloured with white blonde/ pink highlights and then there are the blending highlights. These tend to be similar in colour with the background hair colour. Take the second picture down on the left - black and dark purple; perfect example of a blending highlight.

Some cool emo hairstyles for girls with highlights!

cool emo highlights hairstyles emo hairstyles highlights picture
emo hairstyles highlights picture emo hairstyles highlights image
emo highlights emo hightlights graphical image


Pretty self explanatory - I've included above some examples of emo hairstyles for girls highlights. These can be any way you like.

If you're white blonde, you can have blue/purple/pink/red highlights and if your hair is dyed black you can have either lighter colours or dark ones such as a strong purple.

The highlights are easy to obtain - either ask your hairdresser to do them for you and take a picture for reference or have fun being creative yourself - trust me, they can't go wrong ;).